Whistleblowing Provisions and Construction Safety

OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Program enforces the whistleblower provisions of more than twenty whistleblower statutes protecting employees who report violations of various workplace safety and health laws. Unsafe working conditions, faulty equipment or lack of training are just a few of the conditions employees can cite in an OSHA complaint. Protection from discrimination ... [Continue Reading]

Whistleblowing: The Consequences of Non-Compliance

Whistleblowing in the construction industry continues to garner attention from OSHA with increasing accountability to those companies who punish workers for reporting unsafe working conditions. Earlier this month, an industrial company in Montgomeryville was fined $822,000 after the federal agency determined that two workers were fired for filing a complaint following an ... [Continue Reading]

New Information on Whistleblower Regulations

The following press release from OSHA details their latest efforts to keep track of this important subject. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration today published a final rule finalizing procedures for handling whistleblower retaliation complaints filed under Section 806 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The SOX Act protects employees who report fraudulent ... [Continue Reading]

Whistleblowing and the Construction Industry: A Call to Action

OSHA has recently revamped and reorganized its Whistleblowing Protection Program, signaling a heightened enforcement in protecting employees who report unsafe and hazardous working conditions. The Department of Labor called the restructuring a “significantly elevated priority status for whistleblower enforcement.” For the construction industry, this means these types of ... [Continue Reading]