Lack of Training: Recipe for Disaster

Of all the safety measures that an employer can use to prevent accidents on a construction worksite, training is top of the list. The time and effort invested in a proper training program can mean not only the difference between accidents and penalties but life and death as well. Several months ago, OSHA fined a New York company for willful violation of lack of training ... [Continue Reading]

Before the Fall: Safety Planning for Demolition Projects

From 2009 to 2013, OSHA issued nearly 1,000 citations for violations of OSHA's construction demolition standards. The most common citation was for failure to conduct an engineering survey to determine the condition of the structure prior to demolition. OSHA’s standard specifically states, “Prior to permitting employees to start demolition operations, an engineering survey ... [Continue Reading]

Best Practices for Hiring Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary construction workers through a staffing agency does not exempt employers from the liabilities associated with workplace accidents. Here we describe best practices in navigating this process—and the importance of defining the safety responsibilities of both the staffing agency and the host employer. The benefits of hiring temporary workers have long appealed ... [Continue Reading]