Fundamentals of Demolition Safety

Demolition, the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building, is often referred to as construction in reverse. Demolition work involves many of the hazards associated with construction, however there are additional hazards due to unknown factors which makes demolition work particularly dangerous. These may include: Changes from the structure's design ... [Continue Reading]

Safety Measures for Demolition Projects

Demolition is often referred to as construction in reverse and presents specific safety hazards for construction workers. Razing or dismantling any structure can involve hidden hazards such as the unknown strength or weakness of materials or chemicals hidden within structures such as lead, asbestos and silica. Planning ahead is the first step to avoid accidents on a ... [Continue Reading]

Before the Fall: Safety Planning for Demolition Projects

From 2009 to 2013, OSHA issued nearly 1,000 citations for violations of OSHA's construction demolition standards. The most common citation was for failure to conduct an engineering survey to determine the condition of the structure prior to demolition. OSHA’s standard specifically states, “Prior to permitting employees to start demolition operations, an engineering survey ... [Continue Reading]