Full-Time Site Safety Officers


Whether you need temporary support or have a long-term need, you can rely on Diversified Safety Services to provide safety professionals you can depend on to protect your greatest asset—your people.

Our Value

Diversified Safety Services uses a national recruiting database and network of professional safety organizations to place full-time site safety officers in companies. Our network and recruiting process have enabled us to find top safety professionals to meet our client staffing needs nationwide.

Here’s why it pays to outsource your safety needs with us:

  • We do the recruiting and interviewing, while you focus on your work.
  • We understand the safety industry and provide the safety professionals with the background and expertise to meet your project needs.
  • We pay unemployment and payroll taxes and handle the paperwork.
  • We relieve you of potential workers compensation costs.
  • We provide employee benefits, such as health, life, dental, and a 401K.
  • We reduce your risk and liability by covering our professionals with $3 million of professional liability insurance.
  • We eliminate potential downtime caused by a sick or unavailable employee. Our  bandwidth allows us to provide a replacement quickly.
  • We assume the training costs by providing the safety professionals with the credential and expertise needed for the job.
  • As a strategic partner of the Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (MWBE), we can meet your diversification needs.
  • We conduct pre-employment drug screenings and background checks on every employee.