General Safety Consumables


Poly Sheeting

PF-061004: 6′ x 100′ 4 Mil- Clear
PF-101004: 10′ x 100′ 4 Mil- Clear
PF-201004: 20′ x 100′ 4 Mil- Clear
PF-201006: 20′ x 100′ 6 Mil- Clear
PF-20X100FIRE: 20’x 100′- Fire Rate
PF-20X100REIN: 20′ x 100′ Reinforced




Barrier Fence 4′ x 100′

Heavy Duty Warning barrier ideal for temporary snow and sand control, or for any application where a more durable warning barrier fence is desired. Flexible and easy to handle. This Fence is highly visible and is ideal for all construction applications as well.  4′ x 100′ roll. One roll weighs 20 lbs. Recommended to place 6′ on center.




Traffic Cones


Super Bright orange color clearly visible solid, one-piece PVC construction resists tipping in high winds.

TC28: 28″ Orange Plain
TC 36: 36″ Orange Plain

TC28COLLAR: 28″ Orange Reflective Collars
TC36COLLAR: 36″ Orange Reflective Collars






Caution Tape: yellow with black print. Durable, non-adhesive, non-conductive plastic tape. Tape is reusable and sunfast. High-visibility. 2 Mil. thick.





Danger Tape: Red with black print. Durable non-adhesive, non-conductive plastic tape. Tape is reusable and sunfast. High visibility 2 Mil. Think




Safety Cans


U1-10S: 1 Gallon Gas-Red
UI-20S: 2 Gallon Gas- Red
UI-50S: 5 Gallon Gas-Red
UI-50KER: 5 Gallon Kerosene-Blue
UI-50YS: 5 Gallon Diesel-Yellow
F-15: Funnel for all Cans






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