14/3 Extension Cords

14/3-025: 25′ Cord
14/3-050: 50′ Cord
14/3-100: 100′ Cord

Vinyl extension cord. Lights at female end to indicate power. Bright yellow jacket for superior visibility. Jacket protects against abrasions, moisture and sunlight.



GFCI 2′ Outlet Cord

GFCI-12/3-2: GFCI- 12/3-2 ft. 3 way
26020-146-6: GFCI-12/3-2 ft. 3 way w/Power Interrupt
30334054: GFCI-12/3-2 ft. 4 way box style

Ground Fault Control Interrupter, 3- way. In-line adapter 2′ adapter.
GFCI Box- weatherproof boxes provide you with either 2 or 4 straight blades (U-Ground) receptacles.



LED Head Lamps


Beam distance of 110 meters, battery run time: 7 hours- on (3) AAA, multi-use headlight, magnet, hat clip, helmet, includes 2 head straps-cloth for wearing on head and rubber grip for helmet, impact resistant to 7, water resistant.



Portable Power Box


This power distribution center has been engineered utilizing the latest in GFCI technology. It is protected by GFCI modules, giving the user open neutral and reverse phasing protection. Adapters not included.
-50 amP, 125/250 Volt
-2-20 AMP 125V- 5-20R straight GFCI Protected Output
-Can hook up to a dryer/ range outlet


LED Light Stand



51 Watt LED Panel Light. 3 Panel Design with rotating wings for 360 directional lighting.
-3000 Lumen output white LED illumination.
-Low Heat Output allows for use in tight work areas
-7″ Stand