Evacuations and Emergency Response Plans

Developing an emergency response plan is an essential part of any construction safety plan and should be consistently reviewed and updated to protect workers--and anyone on the job site--in the event of a variety of disasters. Building evacuations, chemical spills and malfunctioning building utilities can precipitate the need for an emergency plan, as can unexpected violent ... [Continue Reading]

Chemical Hazards and OSHA’s Communication Standard

Chemical and toxic substances pose a wide range of health and safety hazards on construction sites. From simple skin irritation to long-term carcinogenic risks, flammability and corrosion, the dangers of chemical hazards are always on the radar screen of safety managers. OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard is clear on the responsibility of employers to communicate to workers ... [Continue Reading]

Excellence in Construction Safety: Core Values Pay Off

On November 3rd, OSHA reported an accident involving an Ohio man whose crane's safety latch failed and 1,000 pounds of equipment fell and injured him as he worked on the factory floor. Although these stories are all too common, it only underscores the importance of recognizing those companies that practice the long-term vision and importance of training and safety ... [Continue Reading]