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Using Portable Generators Safely

Portable generators are internal combustion engines used to generate electricity. They are useful for construction workers when temporary or remote power is needed, and are commonly used during cleanup and recovery efforts following disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. There are, however, specific hazards associated with generators, including carbon monoxide ... [Continue Reading]

Subcontractors and Safety Liability

A recent decision in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans in has ruled that general contractors can be held responsible for subcontractors that create OSHA violations. This particular case involves whether or not subcontractors were exposed to cave-in hazards and how liable the parent employer should be. As with most court cases with wide-sweeping implications, the ... [Continue Reading]

Forklift Safety Measures for Accident Avoidance

Forklifts are the workhorse of most construction sites, but they can become a dangerous piece of machinery if workers are inexperienced or untrained.  Workers who operate or work near forklifts may be struck or crushed by the machine or the load being handled. Most fatalities occur when a worker is crushed by a forklift that has overturned or fallen from a loading dock. ... [Continue Reading]