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Cell Phone Safety on Construction Sites

The use of cell phones on construction sites, while sometimes a necessity of communication, present a real hazard when it comes to distracting workers from safety practices. Industry experts are unanimous when it comes to the proper use of these devices, ÔÇťOperators of heavy equipment, tower cranes and other construction machinery can be distracted by mobile phone use. OSHA ... [Continue Reading]

Scissor Lift Pocket Failure Draws New Alert

There has been a recent alert concerning a JLG 2632ES Fork Lift Pocket Failure on a Turner project. The JLG scissor was being relocated on the job with a Rough Terrain Forklift. When the forks were positioned under the body of the lift and raised approximately 6 inches the metal framework of the lifting pocket failed on one side causing the scissor lift to fall against a ... [Continue Reading]