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Safety Specifics for Monorail Hoists

Monorail hoists, which are often used on construction sites for moving small to large loads, are usually installed on existing ceiling structures to eliminate the need to install columns, especially when space is at a premium. Although monorail hoists were previously categorized with cranes and derricks in terms of safety regulations, OSHA has recently announced a new ... [Continue Reading]

Blind Spots: Construction Vehicle Safety

Worksites with moving construction vehicles pose a number of dangers, especially when workers must navigate roadways and those sites with a high population of people. For on-site vehicle safety, blind spots are a real concern. Says NIOSH, “Collision incidents are attributed in part to limited visibility around the equipment.” The agency provides three different Blind Area ... [Continue Reading]

Acclimation: Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

More than 40 percent of heat-related worker deaths occur in the construction industry. As always, prevention is the best way to ensure that workers stay safe during hot summer months. Although providing workers with water, rest and shade is common sense, the lesser known practice of acclimation is equally important. That is, managers should allow new or returning workers to ... [Continue Reading]