Little Change in OSHA’s Top 10 Safety Violations

participationEvery year, OSHA releases a list of the most frequently cited safety and health violations for the fiscal year. Almost every year, fall protection tops the list and there was little change in the remainder of the hazards as well. In fact, scaffolds (no. 3) and ladders (no. 7) could easily be considered sub-sets of the number one offender.

For FY 2016, the list includes:

1. Fall protection
2. Hazard communication
3. Scaffolds
4. Respiratory protection
5. Lockout/tagout
6. Powered industrial trucks
7. Ladders
8. Machine guarding
9. Electrical wiring
10. Electrical, general requirements

According to OSHA, the agency conducted nearly 32,000 inspections last year, and that approximately 3 million workers were injured; 4,500 fatally so.

A collaborative approach to safety is the best defense, says OSHA. A safety program that involves both management and workers, emphasizes training and communication is the first step. Safety professionals also emphasize that a safety program should be continually monitored and updated.

Thomas Galassi, Director of Enforcement Programs for OSHA stated, “We urge employers to go beyond the minimal requirements to create a culture of safety at work, which has been shown to reduce costs, raise productivity and improve morale.”

Although the types of construction injuries can be varied and distinct, Galassi points out that if companies can improve their safety measures solely on the top 10 list, a great deal of improvement would be accomplished.

To create a more robust safety program or ensure that your own safety program is up to standard, contact our offices at Diversified Safety Services.

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