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Flooding and Construction Safety

Construction workers who are confronted with working in flooded areas, or after a flood has occurred, are at risk for a number hazards, from contaminated water to downed electrical lines. Unexpected and extreme weather appears to be more and more common with special implications for construction sites. Flooding can cause the disruption of water purification and sewage ... [Continue Reading]

Significantly Higher OSHA Penalties Now in Effect

In November 2015, Congress enacted legislation requiring federal agencies to adjust their civil penalties to account for inflation. The Department of Labor has adjusted penalties for its agencies, including OSHA, and these penalties represent an uptick of over 50 percent in some cases. However, OSHA will continue to provide penalty reductions based on the size of the employer ... [Continue Reading]

Loud and Clear: The Hazards of Construction Noise

Every year, approximately 25 million people in the United States are occupationally exposed to hazardous noise. Noise-related hearing loss has been listed as one of the most prevalent occupational health concerns in the United States for more than 25 years. Thousands of workers every year suffer from preventable hearing loss due to high workplace noise levels. In addition, ... [Continue Reading]