Archives for May 2016

Lead Hazards and Respiratory Requirements

Although lead-based paint has been banned since the 1970s, respiratory risks to construction workers continue to make headlines. OSHA estimates that more than 800,000 workers in general industry and construction are potentially exposed to lead. Workers are exposed to lead as a result of the maintenance, recycling, and disposal of lead material and products. This month, OSHA ... [Continue Reading]

OSHA Issues New Electronic Recordkeeping Rule

In an effort to underscore the importance of recordkeeping in dangerous workplace environments, OSHA has this week issued a final rule regarding the compliance requirements of employers. Specifically for those companies with 250 or more employees in certain industries. Under the new rule, employers in high-hazard industries are required to send OSHA injury and illness data, ... [Continue Reading]

Hazards of Confined Spaces Continue to Raise Concern

The hazards of confined spaces continue to make headlines, and this month has been no exception. OSHA’s ruling last year has been priority as confined spaces in construction present physical and atmospheric hazards that can be avoided if they are recognized and addressed prior to entering these spaces to perform work. People working in confined spaces face life-threatening ... [Continue Reading]