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Drilling and Dust: The Dangers of Concrete

Approximately 2 million construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica in their workplaces, specifically those who drill, cut, crush, or grind silica-containing materials such as concrete and stone. Crystalline silica, although found naturally in materials such as quartz, is hazardous when very small and respirable particles are inhaled. These respirable dust ... [Continue Reading]

Reporting Accidents: The Rules to Follow

Reporting construction work accidents is a matter that OSHA has always taken seriously, but the consequences of non-compliance have become ever more evident. In a recent high-profile case involving a multi-state retail company, OSHA stated that their fines were based not only on the safety violations but also the fact that the company failed to report. Says OSHA, “This is a ... [Continue Reading]

Whistleblowing: The Consequences of Non-Compliance

Whistleblowing in the construction industry continues to garner attention from OSHA with increasing accountability to those companies who punish workers for reporting unsafe working conditions. Earlier this month, an industrial company in Montgomeryville was fined $822,000 after the federal agency determined that two workers were fired for filing a complaint following an ... [Continue Reading]