Archives for February 2016

Filing the OSHA 300 Log: What You Need to Know

As we reported early last year, OSHA’s recordkeeping rules for injury and illness on the worksite have been updated, putting new requirements for construction sites that fall under Federal OSHA jurisdiction. OSHA has always maintained the obligation for companies to maintain accurate records of accidents onsite, and the newest rules have made two important changes that ... [Continue Reading]

Fatal Crane Accident Prompts New Regulations in NYC

In the wake of last week’s fatal crane accident in New York City, the city has announced new regulations that would prohibit operating these cranes in winds that exceed 20 miles per hour, or gusts of up to 30 miles per hour. Excessive winds are thought to be the main culprit in last week’s accident. Workers were moving the 500-foot crane, which was replacing generators on a ... [Continue Reading]

Multiple Offenses: When Safety Violations Compound

Although any singular injury or fatality on a construction site will incur fines and inspections from OSHA, too often it is reported that a company is being cited for multiple or repeat offenses. These types of violations underscore the importance of a comprehensive safety program, for even one weak link in an otherwise sound training program can mean the difference between a ... [Continue Reading]