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Safeguarding Machinery for Worker Safety

Any machine with moving parts, sharp edges and hot surfaces on a construction site has the potential to cause serious injury for workers. In addition to proper training and personal protection equipment, machine safeguards need to be implemented and maintained. Each month, OSHA issues citations for injuries directly related to machinery. Just this month, a Wisconsin company ... [Continue Reading]

Protecting Construction Workers during Mold Remediation

Mold is a sometimes invisible threat to construction workers but the exposure to mold spores can cause serious health problems—primarily respiratory. Any water damage, humidity or confined space is an at-risk situation for mold and an inhalation danger for construction workers. Remediation or removal of mold actually increases these hazards during the process. OSHA has ... [Continue Reading]

OSHA Visits: What to Expect when You’re Inspected

An OSHA inspection can seem like an intrusive and intimidating prospect for most site managers, but knowing the process can go a long way to making these visits productive and seamless. OSHA prioritizes its visits for those sites which pose the most imminent threat of danger or perhaps following an employee complaint. In either case, there are certain protocols to ... [Continue Reading]