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Fatigue Hazards of Extended Work Hours

Workers who are on the job for extended or unusual shifts are often at risk for fatigue-related accidents and are a safety concern for all construction projects. Extended work hours are often factors in operator error, injuries and accidents. According to OSHA, “Any shift that incorporates more continuous hours, requires more consecutive days of work, or requires work during ... [Continue Reading]

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard: What You Need to Know

The labeling of hazardous chemicals has been undergoing a significant change in the past few years with important implications for the construction safety industry. Originating from a United Nations consensus and followed by OSHA, these revisions will have a permanent impact on all those who come into contact with a variety of hazardous chemicals. Here’s what you need to ... [Continue Reading]

OSHA’s Most Common Citations: Fall Protection Remains on Top

Fall protection continues to take center stage in the construction safety industry and this month OSHA is continuing its popular “Stand Down for Safety” program, -- an outreach program to educate workers most at risk. Basic safety measures are the best means of prevention as those in the industry can attest. The National Safety Stand-Down Web page provides details on how to ... [Continue Reading]