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High-Powered Hand Tools and Vibration Hazards

Operators of hand-held vibrating tools can be at serious health risks, especially if exposed to high levels of vibration over an extended period of time. There are specific recommendations to mitigate the types of nerve and tissue damage that can occur in the construction industry when using these types of tools. Vibration-induced white finger (VWF) is the most common ... [Continue Reading]

Developing an Emergency Response Plan

Developing an emergency response plan is an essential part of any construction safety plan and goes a long way to protect workers--and anyone on the job site--in the event of a variety of disasters. Building evacuations, CPR training and sheltering from severe weather are just a few of the scenarios where an emergency response plan comes into action. Chemical spills and ... [Continue Reading]

Construction Sites and Carbon Monoxide Hazards

The combination of any gasoline-powered equipment, (such as compressors, generators, welding equipment or forklifts) and any confined space in a construction site has the added danger of carbon monoxide poisoning – a potentially deadly hazard. As the CDC  reports, “Often there is little time before [workers] experience symptoms that inhibit their ability to seek ... [Continue Reading]