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Live Wire: Safety Planning for Electrical Hazards

High voltage underground and overhead power lines are an ever-present danger in the construction industry. In fact, it counts among OSHA's "Fatal Four" in construction related deaths and injuries. Planning and managing work near electric overhead and underground power lines requires basic safety measures so that risks from accidental contact or close proximity to the lines are ... [Continue Reading]

OSHA’s Recordkeeping Requirements Now in Effect

As we reported in October, OSHA’s Recordkeeping Requirements are now in effect. Here’s the information you need to know!     Many new categories of employers must now maintain and post OSHA injury and illness records going forward. Employers who were already covered must complete and post their 2014 annual summary by February 1, 2015 and keep it posted until April ... [Continue Reading]

Exit Strategies: Fire Hazards at the Worksite

Worker injuries and fatalities from fire hazards in the construction industry have decreased steadily in the last ten years, thanks to increased enforcement of building codes and safety standards. Nonetheless, fire safety violations are taken seriously and consistently by safety inspectors. In late 2014, an East Coast manufacturer was cited repeatedly by OSHA for worker ... [Continue Reading]