Archives for November 2014

Keeping Construction Dust at Bay

The health hazards of construction dust are an often overlooked and over-simplified problem with a variety of solutions depending on the type, quantity and immediate surroundings of dust-producing projects. While the health dangers of toxic dust are often given the precautionary measures they deserve, more common “nuisance” or inert dust is left unattended. Ultimately, any ... [Continue Reading]

Whistleblowing and the Construction Industry: A Call to Action

OSHA has recently revamped and reorganized its Whistleblowing Protection Program, signaling a heightened enforcement in protecting employees who report unsafe and hazardous working conditions. The Department of Labor called the restructuring a “significantly elevated priority status for whistleblower enforcement.” For the construction industry, this means these types of ... [Continue Reading]

Wear and Tear: The Basics of Safety Equipment Maintenance

As fall protection continues to take center stage in construction related injuries and fatalities, safety inspectors are called on to underscore the importance of equipment maintenance. For employers, this means quite simply, that it is not enough to provide the correct equipment, train employees on the proper use but to inspect and maintain the safety equipment before each ... [Continue Reading]