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How to Minimize Back Injuries on Construction Sites

Workers’ compensation tops the list of concerns for contractors. And it’s no wonder, considering that employee injuries cost U.S. businesses more than a billion dollars in workers’ comp costs each week, according to the 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index. Injuries mean time away from work and sometimes painful rehabilitation. On construction sites, back injuries are ... [Continue Reading]

The Buck Stops with the Competent Person

On a construction site, every worker is responsible for his or her own safety. But anyone can make careless mistakes, especially if they haven’t been trained properly — or the person in charge hasn’t been trained properly. Ultimately, the responsibility of keeping workers safe falls to what OSHA calls the designated “competent person” on site. Usually this person is the ... [Continue Reading]

Fall Protection Systems: Keeping Workers Safe from Falls

In an earlier post, we discussed fall prevention — one of the most important workplace safety issues and one of the 10 most violated safety standards, according to OSHA. You may recall that more construction workers die each year from falls off ladders, scaffolds, and roofs than anything else. In this post, we’ll look more in-depth at one of the best ways to prevent fall ... [Continue Reading]