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New Hazard Communication Standards: What You Need to Know

Exposure to hazardous chemicals is one of the most serious threats facing U.S. workers today. And to help contractors and workers better understand the hazards and safety measures associated with chemicals in their workplace, OSHA recently revised its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). The latest HCS updates — which went into effect December 1, 2013 — give workers not only ... [Continue Reading]

Ladder Safety in Three Steps

In my years of doing site inspections, I’ve seen all kinds of ladder violations: people working too high on ladders, leaning A-frame ladders against the wall, extension ladders being tied off or several feet above a landing. All of these are violations of OSHA regulations. Our last post told you about OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction, a ... [Continue Reading]

Join OHSA’s Effort to Prevent Falls

More construction workers die each year from falls from ladders, scaffolds, and roofs than anything else. In 2012, there were 269 fall fatalities out of 775 total fatalities in construction. And it’s not surprising, considering that fall prevention is among the 10 most violated safety standards, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Yet these ... [Continue Reading]