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Backup Safety: The Hazards of Blind Spots

Construction vehicles on a job site present a number of hazards, and the backup function is one of them. Whenever an operator has an obstructed view to the rear, OSHA recommends a backup alarm or a spotter to prevent accidents. While OSHA does not specifically require backup alarms on powered industrial trucks, such as forklifts, […]


Winter Weather Safety Measures

Construction workers who have to work through wind and snow during low and freezing temperatures are at risk for a number of hazards that are particular to these winter months. Safety measures for these jobs require increased vigilance for site managers. Providing engineering controls such as radiant heaters, scheduling frequent short breaks in warm areas, […]


Cell Phone Safety on Construction Sites

The use of cell phones on construction sites, while sometimes a necessity of communication, present a real hazard when it comes to distracting workers from safety practices. Industry experts are unanimous when it comes to the proper use of these devices, “Operators of heavy equipment, tower cranes and other construction machinery can be distracted by […]