Wondering whether your job site is in compliance with safety standards? Don't subject your company to unnecessary fines.


Safety Protocol for Hazardous Chemicals

When it comes to hazardous chemicals in the workplace, OSHA is very clear on the proper protocol for the labeling, handling and training required to work with these substances. OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), 29 CFR 1910.1200, requires employers to implement a hazard communication program. The program must include labels on containers of hazardous chemicals, […]


The Hazards of Combustible Dust

Fires and explosions can happen for a multitude of reasons on a construction site but one of the most common causes is combustible dust. Metal-based materials such as aluminum, titanium and steel as well as plastics can burn rapidly when in a finely divided form. If such a dust is suspended in air in the […]


Safety Training for Temporary Workers

Hiring temporary workers for special projects or seasonal work is a common practice in the construction industry, but it does not exempt the employer from the responsibility of safety training equal to that of permanent employees. In the case of hiring workers through a temporary agency, OSHA could hold both the host and temporary employers […]